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From Digital to Physical: How Wunjo Club uses Pop-Up Retail to grow our Customer Base

Written by: Fillit

The events of the past two years have resulted in an explosion of growth in the e-commerce industry, with entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners turning to the digital marketplace as a way to adapt to changing consumer behaviour and overcome economic challenges.

However, this newfound growth has also created a crowded and competitive marketplace, and brands must be on constant lookout for innovative ways to reach new customers, make a lasting impression, and stand out from the masses with their product or service.

Meet Laurna Mc Dermott, Co-Founder of luxury streetwear brand Wunjo Club. Recently popping up in Marshes Shopping Centre in Dundalk, Fillit sat down with Laurna to discuss her experience of diving into the world of pop-up retail, and how it’s become a critical part of the brand’s overall marketing and sales strategy.

Watch the case study below:

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